Winter 2012-13

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A 4-step Financial Guide to Your 20s

Though large financial steps, like setting up a retirement fund or paying off your student debt, may seem a long way off, getting a head start can make all the difference to your financial success in the long run. Take a look at these four tips to make the most of your 20s.
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Pay Yourself FIRST

If you'd like to build your savings but lack the money, time or discipline to make deposits, you're not alone. But now is the perfect time to get in the habit of saving, and Barksdale Federal Credit Union's automatic deposit options make it easy.
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Real-world Social Networking
Prepare for a Successful Job Interview

Congratulations! You have a job interview. Chances are good you mastered making contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networking websites to find job openings, but are your social skills ready for an in-person job interview?
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Protect Your Finances with Strong Passwords

Here are some tips for creating strong passwords that can help prevent hackers from stealing your personal and financial information.
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